Usablity of E-commerce Applications

Ecommerce is used as universal expression for every kind of business or commercial transaction that includes information transmission via Internet. The establishment of websites with e-commerce allowed clients to purchase online through the Internet. The expansion of the e commerce web sites caused the assessment of the usability web site experience to be relevant. Significant component of the experience obtained with online shopping is when clients can purchase easily the products and services. That’s why it is very important user interface to be easy to use and simplified.


    The goal of ecommerce Usability is to fulfill the customer’s purchasing needs as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Usability helps to make the site experience seamless for the consumer, which increases sales. Usability powers good user interface design through a user-centered design approach that analyzes the entire ecommerce transaction from the customer’s perspective.

    Website usability underlies the entire user interface design and user experience. An optimized ecommerce site is “usable” if it is intuitive, functional, consistent, and easy for target users to accomplish their purchasing goals with minimal effort. An “unusable” site is hard to navigate, poorly arranged, unreliable, and fosters confusion, frustration and abandonment.Usability should help make the site disappear by minimizing consumer awareness of the site itself and maximizing consumer interaction with the site’s products, brand and content.

    E-commerce companies have to offer a wide variety of payment options including CoD, credit and debit card, internet banking, among others. 60-70% of the payments are made using the CoD option in India as customers fear to share information online and do not trust the website for secure payments. Moreover, the return percentage of orders in CoD is much higher compared to online payments. To counter these fears, e-tailers have started to provide facility of paying with Card on Delivery.

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