Solar Trolleys

Su-Kam’s Solar trolleys  also regulates the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from batteries. It prevents overcharging, over and variable voltage which if not controlled can reduce battery performance or life span and may pose a safety risk. It also prevents complete drainage of a battery and facilitates controlled discharge thereby maintaining the battery’s longevity.

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Extra durable
Made from tough, long lasting PPCP compound material which does not get destroyed ever if there is leakage / spillage from batteries.
X-tra convenient
In built ribs for smooth in and out movement of battery without getting stuck.
X-tra ease of movement
Sturdy yet smooth wheels enabling extra ease of movement while carrying the bulky battery.
X-tra space saving
Stacks up with Inverter / UPS neatly in a corner, thus taking less space. Aesthetically designed to match your contemporary interiors.
X-tra safe
Provides good ventilation for battery.



·Fix the wheels (6 Nos) to the bottom panel

·Once the wheels are fixed to the bottom panel, place the battery on the panel

·Fix the left and right side panels to the front panel and fix the same to the bottom panel

·Fix the top panel

·Battery Trolley” after final assembly.Place the Inverter/UPS on the top