Industrial Hoses

      Industrial hoses with high resistance to pressure, temperature and media. Comes with national and international standards. Now with individual customer specifications. High quality hoses for longer flow. Reduced bends for hose long life. Greater durability and quality. Used for all the industrial purposes for grease,oil,water or air flow. Hoses may vary for different purposes of usage.Hoses like braided hoses , Flat yarn hoses, etc are used for different applications with better results.

      High performance hose of great resistance to pressure abrasion and rough handling. It is designed for heavy duty applications in construction and engineering, general industrial services, cement conveying, paper mills, chemical industry, coal mines, shipping, seeage disposal etc.



  • Resistance: It shows strong resistance to high pressure and most of the chemicals, acids and alkalies. Ideal for high pressure suction & delivery of water.
  • Weather Proof: Resistant to sun, ozone and weather.
  • Lightweight: Often only 1/4 that of rubber Hose which makes it easy to carry and install



  • Easy Fitting: Easily installed, even to non-standard couplings.
  • Smooth Bore: Allows fast flow.
  • Flexible: The flexibility of hose is retained for many years. It can be bent as desired. No kinking, bulging or bursting even in the most severe working conditions.