Dust Extractors

  We sell Quality of Dust Extractors Online. Available Lock-off filter bags. Easily removed and replaced. Long Durablity and high performance.Taking away the dust at point of productionis best. Once dust is allowed into the air, it is prone to air draughts and circulation so can become widespread very quickly. Do You Want Dust Extractors?  Just Click



  • Motor head design with flat top and tool deposit
  • Innovative hose storage solution with flexible rubber strap
  • Washable PET cartridge filter protects turbine by holding back fine dust and debris
  • Fleece filter bag allows you to pick up most debris without damaging the filter bag
  • Push and clean system: takes just seconds to clean the filter



  • Push & Clean: semi-automatic filter cleaning (SFC)
  • Accessory holders integrated into hood of vacuum
  • Hose hook for easy storage of the 3 m hose
  • Automatic On/Off function: machine activates when a connected power tool is used (240V only)
  • Integrated carry handle makes lifting and tilting of container easy and convenient
  • 240V model includes power take off (2000W)

Top secrets choosing Bosch Electrical Dust Extractors

Bosch Electrical Dust Extractors is  a boon for health …?Dust is bad for health. It may allergic to people who has breathing difficulties in polluted area. To avoid complicated situation like this we are in the need of some tools to observe the dust.  Bosch Electrical dust extractor has built in with many technology to extract the dust.  It is designed with elegant shape and portable to cover unreachable area like corner of houses and many. It is specially designed for the people who are in cleaning industry.  It has giving big support to the people. Now let us discuss about features and other usage of dust extractor


·  Convenient: easy to transport

·  Durability: stainless steel pistons and sturdy brass pump for long service life

·  Low-noise operation: autostop technology switches the motor and pump off automatically when the switch is released

·  Push & Clean: semi-automatic filter cleaning (SFC)

·  Accessory holders integrated into hood of vacuum

·  Hose hook for easy storage of the 3 m hose


Dust Extractor Roles in Saw industries


Whether you're a specialist working at the base of your nursery or a fine carpenter making commission pieces, sawdust can be the most despicable aspect of any carpentry process - and left to its own gadgets can end up all over the place – clean up air admissions, developing on varnished surfaces, even in your lungs. Beside the undeniable wellbeing suggestions, having sawdust pollute your work can require time and vitality to right

Controlling sawdust should be possible productively and cost successfully with one of our dust extractors called Bosch Electrical Dust Extractors, and Steelsparrow is ecommerce site for offering dust extractor. Worked to offer outstanding administration and life span, our mechanical extraction units have been intended to give effective suction and filtration from your carpentry hardware, sacking the sawdust for you in the substantial obligation accumulation packs included with every model. The completely encased and fan cooled engine conveys all the force you have to attract the sawdust and trap it, with separated air going through the substantial Terylene channel sacks. Effectively cleaned these channels guarantee that you and your apparatus are permitted to work, free from the unsafe develop of sawdust.

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