Dial Indicators

    Dial indicators with a large-diameter dial facefor easy reading. • Models with longer measuring ranges are also available. • All types are supplied with limit markers and a bezel clamp as standard. • Both the stem and the spindle are made of high-strength quench-hardened stainless steel...

    Dial Indicators are known for their precision, sensitivity, durability and ease of operation. These dial indicators use the latest technology and allow the user the convenience of assuring and maintaining accuracy. These dial indicators carry the imprint of global standards in precision indicators. These companies are using Noga Holders to hold their dial indicators.     Dial Indicators are one of the best measuring instruments available in the market. Each and every machinist who is passionate about perfection should invest in a good and durable dial indicator.

Flexibility, easy and accurate readability are the main advantages of using the dial indicator. These precision instruments are tested to provide the maximum level of quality and highest point of accuracy available. They enable you to conduct measurements even at inaccessible points. However they have been proven to be greatly useful in gauging the flatness, parallelism or concentrity.




  • Dial Indicators The speed, adaptability, and positive visibility of dial indicator gauges.
  • Available Coolant proof Dial Indicators.



·All anvils laser marked for easy selection

·Gauge chart for quick and easy anvil selection

·Includes sturdy aluminum case with cutouts for gauge and all accessories

·Ergonomic design with non-slip insulating grip

·Carbide contacts for extended wear.