Cutting Blades

Cutting Blades with hard toothed edge. Cuts any material like wood which has heavy sharpen blades. Specially used or various industrial cutting process. Best power circular blade for metal cutting. Available with wide range of blades with sharper teeth for smooth cutting with extended life durability. Used for all the commercial purposes for better results. We offer various brands of cutting Blades and saws for various application uses.


Makita Cutting Blades

Cutting Blades are Cost-effective blade with unique cutting ability featuring RAGE patented technology. For cutting steel, aluminium, wood and plastic. Cuts nail-embedded wood easily and cuts steel with virtually no sparks or heat. Collects most wood and metal chipping automatically.



  • The blades are suitable to cut relatively hard materials with high precision. The one is more durable than High-speed steel blades.

  • It is suitable for relatively hard materials.