When a remote-operated source-changeover system is combined with an automatic controller, the sources can be controlled automatically according to a number of programmed operating modes. This solution provides optimum energy management: switching to a replacement source depending on any external conditions management of sources regulation emergency source replacement, etc. A communications function for dialogue with a supervisor is available for the automatic controller


·  Safety and protection

·  Energy measurement and control

·  Increased energy availability


·  Standard applications : industries, buildings, infrastructures

·  Specific applications demanding high performance at controlled cost : processes, steal industry, maritime, disturbed environment

·  Motor protection

·  Control and isolation using switch disconnectors

Automatic changeover system switches the load between these two sources. It can be automated to manage transfers according to external conditions. A source-changeover system includes two or three circuit breakers or switch-disconnectors.Manual changeover switches by interlocking of operating mechanisms via rotary handles or with captive keys. It can be Applied for continuous production line and refrigeration units. Used for large electrical installation.