Advantages of Safety Shoes

        Higher level of protection toes safety shoes products the front end resistance pressure and impact resistance, the technical index is high on toes protection is good, so the more easily be scarred or gangrenous toe injury severity crushed, the more serious the homework more I will choose senior protection toes, and for some safety shoes gangrenous toe might be scarred or crushed, injury severity is unlikely to serious homework, then can choose low level of protection safety shoes, because level gangrenous toe shoe generally high price is high, wearing heavy, comfort is poor. Accordingly, should according to the characteristics of homework to appropriate chooses protection toes safety shoes products.

Consumers can choose according to their own needs different prices, style, material protection toes safety shoes. Usually, note leather shoes new, deft, outsole using polyurethane materials, wear-resisting, price is more expensive, Adhesive shoes is production history longer a traditional craft, price according to its pattern, the circumstance such as timber and height is differ, Sewing flat bottom shoe price is cheaper, not flat bottom price also depends on its pattern, the circumstance such as timber and height is differ, In addition, injection shoes and adhesive shoes permeability is poorer, sewing, wearing shoes permeability good quite comfortable.

Consumer is when the choose and buy, first of all you should confirm the product manufacturer whether it has issued by the state of production license for industrial products (import goods need not) and safe mark authentication certificate. Again on this foundation to check whether does the product have manufacturers the name and address, production license Numbers, safety mark authentication number, date of production, the product standard number, whether with product certification and specifications, we have to pay special attention to check whether there is a shoe product name (or "protect" the words), gangrenous toe shoe number and protective performance level. In addition, should ask the distribution enterprise show this batch of products inspection report and view the validity.